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Thank you to the Princeton University Office of Sustainability and to the High Meadows Foundation Sustainability Fund for funding our Earth Month pilot.

Get rewarded for simple sustainable actions.

Challenge runs April 1st to 10th.


How to Participate



After completing a 3-min survey,

you will receive a unique code which is necessary to create an account on the mobile application.

Earn Points
Track Emissions

After signing up, you will receive a link to download the mobile app, which allows you to record your sustainable actions by taking photos.

Redeem Rewards


At the end of the challenge, trade in your points for giftcards to thousands of stores.

Scroll down for the reward breakdown.


App Instructions



Points are tallied April 10th, 11:59PM.
You must complete the exit survey before this time to qualify for rewards.​

Everyone Can Earn

5 points: EcoTracker Sticker

30 points: Bamboo Spork Set

75 points: $5 Giftcard of your choice

150 points: $15 Giftcard of your choice

250 points: $30 Giftcard of your choice

Top Scorers "Overall" Ranking

Top 3: $40 Giftcard of your choice

Top Scorers "Improvement" Ranking

Top 3: $50 Giftcard of your choice

This bracket is a separate point and ranking system for people who do not already live sustainable lives, such as participants who are not already vegan/vegetarian and it would thus be a lot harder for them to earn points.


Giftcards are actually redeemed through reimbursement - simply purchase any "sustainable" item, including food from all local restaurants and dining vendors and any B-Corp company (thousands of options).

You may redeem your total in any way you choose, ex. For $30 total, $5 to Olives and $25 to Patagonia.

You will receive the total of the highest amount earned only (but all the items you qualify for).

Full list of B-Corp companies

includes apparel: Patagonia, AllBirds, Athleta

includs food: Ben&Jerry's, BrewTea Co

and thousands more!

Local Restaurants and Grocery Stores

includes Olives, Jammin' Crepes

Don't see an option you're interested in?

Email princeton.ecotracker@gmail.com with suggestions.

Action and Point Breakdown