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Recycling is the last resort - if you have a disposable item, always check first to see if it can be recycled before throwing it away!

What is mixed recycling? What can I put in a recycling bin?

Full recycling guidelines here.

"Other" recycling options (NOT in standard bins):

  • Plastic bags: U-Store, campus entrance

  • Electronics: A Wireless Alliance recycling bin is available on the 100 level of Frist (around the corner from Witherspoon's cafe near the UPS and FedEx boxes) and accepts: all cell phones, smart phones, PDA's, iPods, digital cameras and iPads regardless of age or condition, chargers and accessories, rechargeable batteries, all accessories including cases. Items are donated or recycled in an EPA certified domestic facility. 

  • Light Bulbs: Building Services collects used CFL light bulbs. Reach out to the custodial staff within your building to initiate a collection and for more information.