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There's a reason "reduce" comes first!

Natural resources are limited, which means your first priority should be using only what you need.


Double-sided printing

  • Make sure the "print double sided" box is checked before hitting "Print"

  • Print on the other side of scrap paper! (Usually put paper in with used side facing up)


Electronic reading

  • Experiment with "highlight" and "notetaking" features, available even in Adobe Acrobat and Preview

  • Searching for free/cheap online textbooks can save lots of money

  • "10 Best Windows PDF Apps"

Shopping Bags


  • Washing full loads reduces water and saves you some time

  • Washing in cold water ("Brights" or "Woolens") saves energy, the largest source of CO2 emissions

  • As a bonus, skip the dryer and hang dry your clothes in your room!
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